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Shop Assistant Marta


Marta is the daughter of Edyta and she is voluntary worker in Edyta’s shop. She has friendly manner and is always on hand to help customers. Marta looks forward to serving the community of Saffron Walden and surrounding area with traditional quality Polish products. Marta has a family of her own and is a good person to ask about Polish brands in their shop.

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Edyta Shop Owner


Edyta is the owner of Edyta’s Polish shop. She has lived in the UK for over ten years and looks forward to supplying her service to Saffron Walden and surrounding areas with traditional and popular Polish products. The shop has friendly staff who are always on hand to help with your questions. Being from Poland she has first hand experience of Polish products and knows what to offer her customers. Edyta’s shop is a family run business with a friendly and bright atmosphere.

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