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Deli And Meats


Quality Polish Meats & Cheeses.
Edyta’s gives you a taste of Poland here in the UK.
All our Meats and Cheese’s can be sliced to your order size.
Polish Meats

Edyta’s has a broad range of Meats from the best Polish suppliers. Meat’s range from Chicken, Pork and Turkey. Some Meats Smoked some. Edyta’s also sells a selection of sausages pre-cooked, ready to eat with your Sandwiches or a Dinner Time meal or BBQ.

Polish Cheeses

All Cheese’s range from Smoked, Pepper Cheese, Cheese with Ham, Salami,Gouda, Edam and many more. Cheeses are also directly imported from Poland so come have a taste in Edyta’s shop.


All Cheeses will add a taste of Poland to any of your Sandwiches, why not try something different at meal time.

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