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Deli And Meats

  Quality Polish Meats & Cheeses. Edyta's gives you a taste of Poland here in the UK. All our Meats and Cheese’s can be sliced to your order size.

Food & Snacks

  A Range of Products To suit All Tastes.    Edyta’s offers a vast selection of products including Frozen Food, Dry food. Shop Sections to include the following: Polish Snacks


  A Range of Polish Soft Drinks You Will Enjoy.    Edyta’s has a wide selection of Soft Drinks, Juices and Squashes with unique Polish flavours. There are bottled drinks



Quality Polish Products To Give You a Taste of Home…


Welcome to Edytas Polish Food Shop we are located in Saffron Walden Essex on The High Street. Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 7.00pm and we also open on Sunday 9.30am Till 5.00pm.


Edyta’s Polish shop offers a broad range of products. We have a Delicatessen section in the shop, with a selection of tasty Polish cheese and meats to suit all tastes. These products are all imported from Poland to give you a taste of home.


We also sell a selection of Polish soft drinks with a variety of unique flavours. To give your food more taste we have a Herbs and Spices section so you can get creative when it comes to meal time. Why not try some of our Polish crisps with a broad range of flavours.


There is something for every member of the family in Edyta’s Polish shop and we offer a ranges of baby products when it comes to feeding time. Why not try some of our Polish sauces to add some taste to your meal.


The shop also has a polish confectionery section which offers a range of delicious Polish chocolates and biscuits and sweets. We also have a range of cake mixes for your home baking needs.

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